Senior Wins Award At SABR Convention

Susan Ballentine ('10) received an award for the best poster presentation at  SABR’s 39th annual convention in Washington, DC, held July 30-August 2. SABR stands for the Society for American Baseball Research.

Susan won the USA Today Sports Weekly prize for the best poster presentation at the convention for “Rethinking Bill James’ Pythagorean Expectation.” In her presentation, Susan reached beyond James' Pythagorean, which requires only two team stats and one calculator formula, and built multiple regression models. Rather than using offensive stats to predict Runs Scored or defensive data to predict Runs Allowed, her approach was to use stats from both sides of the game as potential predictors of winning percentage. 

The poster presentation award includes a $125 cash prize with a matching donation to SABR. The accompanying photo shows Susan with David Vincent of SABR (left) and Paul White, Baseball Writer for USA Today Sports Weekly (right) at the Sunday morning Awards Presentation at the SABR 39 Closing Ceremonies.

SABR (pronounced “Saber”) is an international organization headquartered in Cleveland, OH. The Society's mission is to foster the study of baseball, to assist in developing and maintaining the history of the game, to facilitate the dissemination of baseball research and to stimulate interest in baseball.  Approximately 1000 of SABR’s 7000 members attended their 39th Annual Convention.