Library Opportunities

Happy new school year! I’m Wendy DeGroat, the librarian for MLWGS, and I’d like to thank you for supporting the services and programs of the MLWGS Library by joining Friends of the Library for 2009-10. Click here for Friends of the Library Membership form.

There are already several exciting ideas for library programs percolating for the upcoming year.  Expect updates in January and May to celebrate the acquisitions and programs made possible by the Friends of the Library. I will also let you know when programs open to parents, such as guest speakers and tech workshops, are added to the school calendar.

Please feel free to visit the MLWGS Library’s Blog and Research and Reading wiki at any time.  You may be especially interested in the following:
  • The library blog’s Databases and Reference pages (passwords available in the library)
  • The link to Noodle Tools, an online citation management service – a.k.a. bibliography maker (password available in the library)
  • The wiki’s Parent Resources page–which you are welcome to revise and expand. See the Intro to Wiki Participation page for instructions about how to create an account and edit a page. 
  • If you like subscribing to news feeds from blogs, consider adding the MLWGS Library’s feed to your list. I typically add new posts one to three times per week.
As you may know already, the first global rotation for this school year focuses on the Middle East.  You’ll find a book display focused on this region in the library. To enrich your student’s study of the Middle East, you may want to be alert for related cultural events and other learning opportunities around the greater Richmond area, especially during September and October.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the MLWGS Library, feel free to contact Wendy DeGroat, MLWGS Librarian 354-6800 x1101.