Library Tech Byte Tuesdays

Held during lunch on Tuesdays from 11:50 am–12:10 pm, Library Tech Bytes are mini-workshops focused on a research-related tech tool. The first two topics of this school year will be Last Pass and Noodle Tools.

Tired of remembering your user names and passwords for everything from the New York Times web site to JSTOR to Facebook? Let Last Pass remember for you! Drop by the library on September 15 or September 29 to learn more about how this free tool can simplify your internet surfing.

Confused by the nuances of citing sources in MLA, APA, and CMS (Chicago)? Noodle Tools, an online citation creation and management tool to the rescue! The MLWGS Library subscribes to this easy-to-use service so that you can keep track of your resources throughout the research process and export them to Word with all the correct spacing, underlining, italics, and indentations. Drop by the library on September 22 or October 6 to learn more!

These workshops are open to students, faculty, and parents.  Feel free to contact Ms. DeGroat if you have any questions.