New Online Resource: NetLibrary

Last year, the MLWGS Library added NetLibrary to its online resources, a collection which currently includes over 5,000 books about a wide range of topics, often representing a range of perspectives. Similar to physical books, an ebook being viewed by one person in NetLibrary cannot be viewed simultaneously by someone else (unless one person looks over another's shoulder at their computer screen).

From school, students can click into NetLibrary from the library blog’s Databases page. To use NetLibrary from home, students first need to create a personal account while they’re at school. There’s a link to Create a Free Account near the top right of the NetLibrary home page. Instead of having a school user name and password, students use the personal user name and password they create to log in from home. On computers outside school, students might run into an issue with NetLibrary where it tries to open each page of an ebook as a separate pdf. If this happens, they simply need to change a setting in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Watch the related screencast for instructions about how to do this. The school computers have this setting configured already.