Cross Country Update

On October 31, the MLWGS Cross Country teams (Freshman Boys & Girls, JV Boys & Girls, and Varsity Boys & Girls) competed in the District Championships at Pole Green Park.

In the freshman races, the MLWGS girls and boys teams both placed first in the district. Among the top five finishers in each freshman race, MLWGS students included: Jessica Lull, 1st place; Rachel Galton, 2nd place; and Kendall Huennekens, 5th place; Matthew Pickering 1st place; Jacob Moyer 2nd place; Jason Hunter, 3rd place; and John Ziegler, 4th place.

Cross Country Team Seniors (Photo provide by Judy Meister and Michael Stone)

The MLWGS JV girls team also finished first in the district and the JV boys team placed second in the district. Among the top ten finishers in those races, MLWGS athletes included: Katie Ardiff, 1st place; Caroline Rose, 2nd place; Laura Goodfellow, 3rd place; Elissa Trieu, 6th place; Elizabeth Pickering, 8th place; and Rena Hamzey, 10th place; Tyler Pearson, 2nd place; and Drew Anderson, 10th place. Among the varsity teams, the MLWGS girls placed first in the district and the boys team placed third in the district. All seven of the girls runners distinguished themselves as both All District and All District Academic athletes. The varsity girls included: Clarissa Schick, 2nd place; Anna Spiers, 5th place; Emily Bird, 6th place; Caroline Newcomb, 9th place; Kelsey Green, 11th place; Kelsey Miller 12th place; and Madison Swart, 14th place. Among the varsity boys, Marc Breidenbaugh, 4th place; Cody Talmadge, 6th place; and Cameron Napps, 13th place also earned both All District and All District Academic honors.  Click here to see photos of the Cross Country team in action.