MLW Civic Society: Sowing Seeds of Service

Maggie L. Walker. Many titles fit our school’s namesake. Humanitarian. Activist. Pioneer. And three words describe the ideals of the Maggie L. Walker Civic Society: wisdom, courage, and dedication. We have connected the woman’s legacy to the club’s mission, and we have carved out a vision. You may be wondering, “What exactly is the club’s mission?  Formally, it reads, “In accordance to the vision statement of MLWGS, students will be citizens who seek to serve their communities, local, national, and international, with wisdom; they will be tolerant people of strong character who understand and celebrate diversity in the global community of the twenty-first century.” Informally, it means we are willing to get our hands dirty. Literally. We believe that if there’s work to be done, we must roll up our sleeves. We have just undertaken one of our most important projects—the upkeep of the gravesite of Maggie L. Walker at Evergreen Cemetery. We are in the process of erecting a historical marker there as well. Yes, our intent is to memorialize her. And we do so not only with mulch and flowers, but with honor and respect. Indeed, we hope that the seedlings we have planted will blossom. But, more importantly, we hope that the memory of her generosity and diligence, her will to effect change, will live on. 

(Note: Special thanks to Mr. Charles for his assistance with this project). 

Pictured from left to right are D’monte Pittman, 2013 (seated), Ms. Joy Davis, Sasha Jervay 2011, Emily Sloane 2011, Kia Jordan 2013, Merci Best 2013, Johnny Mac Yates 2013, and Mrs. Lisa Williams. Not pictured are Mr. Irvin Charles and Mr. Karl Zweerink.