National French Week Celebrations at MLWGS

MLWGS students will be celebrating National French Week this week through a series of activities aimed at heightening awareness of the international importance of French. Facts will be posted around the building for treasure-hunting students to find. For example, did you know that 204 US Department of State jobs listed in a recent publication required or preferred French as opposed to the next highest language (54 required Spanish)?  And, did you know that the second most used language on the internet after English is French? And, did you know that French is the second most frequently taught language worldwide after English? It’s a working or official language of the Olympic Games, NATO, the European Union, the International Labor Bureau, the International Monetary Fund and the International Red Cross. Its Pasteur Institute is a leader in medicine and research. And HDTV, fiber optics, and the smart card (with an embedded computer chip) are all recent French inventions. These are just a few of the facts that students will be searching for, finding and learning during French week. And, oh yes, everyone knows about French cuisine!