Regional Cross Country Championships

The MLWGS Cross Country Teams had another stellar showing at the Central Region Cross Country Championships on Saturday, November 7. The Regional Championship took place at Pole Green Park in Hanover County where the top four varsity boys and girls teams from the region qualified to represent their schools at the State Championships. Maggie Walker Girl’s Varsity placed 2nd in the region and the Boy’s Varsity placed 3rd in the region, and both teams qualified to compete in the State Championships at Great Meadows on Saturday, November 14. Clarissa Schick, Anna Spiers, Marc Breidenbaugh, and Cody Talmadge all placed among the top 15 finishers, earning both All Region and All Region Academic honors. Other team members who competed were Katie Ardiff, Emily Bird, Kelsey Green, Caroline Newcomb and Kelsey Miller on the girls team. For the guys, Cameron Napps, James Billard, Ross Anderson, Colin Puckett and Jacob May rounded out the team. Congratulations to all of the varsity runners!

Among the JV and freshman teams, MLWGS was also well represented. The Maggie Walker JV girls placed first in the region and were represented by Caroline Rose, Elizabeth Napps, Madison Swart, Laura Goodfellow, Elissa Trieu, Elizabeth Pickering, Rena Hamzey, Sarah Goggin, Erica Cousins, Margaret Benson, Tess Bertonneau, Natalie Wong, Monique Dibich, and Zena Kirby. Kudos to Caroline, Elizabeth N., Madison, Laura and Elissa for earning top 15 honors! The Freshman Girl’s team placed second in the region with four of the seven placing in the top 15: Jessica Lull, Rachel Galton, Noemie Keller, and Kendall Huennekens. Rounding out the Freshman Girls Team are Lisa Li, Merci Best, and Kia Jordan! Congratulations to all of these girls.

The Boys' JV and Freshman teams added to the domination of Maggie Walker teams within the Central Region, with the JV boys team placing second and the freshman boys team placing first. Tyler Pearson and Drew Anderson once again finished among the top 15 JV boys, with Joe Martin and Nic Odehnal placing among the top 20 finishers. The JV boys team was very deep due to its large number of runners including: Sean Youngstone, Anand Singh, Carter Hadley, Tim Earley, Adam Koling, Scott Mallory, Phillip Wyatt, Matthew Pittman, Marschal Furman, Woody Kaine, Colin Greatwood, Scott McClellan, Om Evani, Simon Wake, Tim Swartz, Neil Pathak, Justin Shawler, Cole Pearce, Merrill Lau, and Matt Nguyen. Well done JV guys! Freshman boys also have a deep team with 12 runners. Finishing in the top 15 places at the regional meet were: Matthew Pickering, John Ziegler, Jacob Moyer, John Waters, Johnny Mac Yates, Andrew Tynes, and John Darr. Michael Lewis, Alex Carr, Mikey Valacer, Ryan Duncan, and Seth Bright round out the winning Freshman Boys team. Congratulations guys!  Click here to view more Cross Country team photos.