School Directories Distributed

Directory Artwork by Maryam Patton (2010)

Because of the dedication of two MLWGS parents, Fred Tyler and Charlie Green, the coordination of the MLWGS PTSA, and the corporate sponsorship of Alstom Power, Inc., contacting classmates in your project group or putting together carpools with other Maggie Walker families can be as easy as opening your shiny green MLWGS 2009-10 directory.

Last Friday afternoon, a bound copy of this year’s MLWGS directory was distributed, free of charge, to each MLWGS student, faculty, administrator, and staff member. That amounted to nearly 900 copies!

This gift is one of the annual projects of the MLWGS PTSA, and Maggie Walker Green Dragons owe a special thank you to Fred Tyler and Charlie Green for contributing their time and expertise to compile and produce this essential reference for keeping our school community connected.