Thank You Middle School Visit and Open House Volunteers

The PTSA would like to thank Swati Jantrania, PTSA Middle School Visit Chair, and Megan Marcinkevich, MLWGS Curriculum Assistant, for their diligence and persistence in coordinating this year’s expanded program of 35 middle school visit events. This year’s program included more visits than ever and surely was the most successful year for “getting the word out” to prospective MLWGS students and families.

In a tightly packed schedule of daytime and evening visits that ran from October 1 through November 4, that covered ten participating school districts and included several high school informational fairs in addition to two Open Houses held at Maggie Walker, a large cohort of enthusiastic MLWGS students, parents, faculty and staff collaborated to present a wealth of information about our school and answer questions.

The MLWGS PTSA would like to acknowledge the time and experience our Green Dragon parents shared with us during these middle school visits and open house parent sessions:

Thank you, Middle School Visit Parent Volunteers!
Ann Majors Hiles, Ashley Johnson, Bert Waters, Bill Yates, Brian Moore, Carol Wolf, Charlie Aldridge, Christie Powers, Delia Yuskis, Denise Hennig, Diana Prentiss, Donna Hadley, Elizabeth Spiers, Jackie McClellan, Jane and Doug Scheibe, Jodie Kitchens, Judi Crenshaw, Julie Weissend, Kimberly Davis, Leathie Gibson, Margaret Adamson, Margie Swart, Martha Young, Pha Dinh, Phil Briedenbaugh, Reggie Quick, Ron Ballentine, Shari Schneider, Sharon Spiller, Sheri Goggin, Suyin Shaw, Suzanne Bird, Tamara Adams, Yolande Long

Thank you, Open House Parent Panel Volunteers!
Anne Napps, Cathy Bruno, Denise Hennig, Donna Hadley, Jane Scheibe, Jen Chambers, John Nestler, Karen Kasprzak, Lydia Ballentine, Lynne Carruth, Margaret Adamson, Michelle Nestler, Mike Sawchak, Reggie Quick, Ron Ballentine, Sharon Baxter, Sharon Spiller, Suzanne Bird, Xiaoyan Deng