CLASS OF 2013 Makes MLWGS History With Biggest Freshmen Lock-In Ever!!!

Congratulations to the Class of 2013, and their Faculty Class Sponsor, Mr. Mike Brown, for setting a record in Freshmen Lock-In Attendance this past weekend.

On Friday December 4th, more than 160 of the 185 freshman students settled in for a fun-filled all nighter of live music, socializing, movie watching, playing basketball, dodgeball, video games, and generally hanging out. Many thanks to Mr. Brown and Mr. Tharp for their leadership, patience, and COFFEE, which the chaperone parents, Julie Sidharta-Leibovic, Pamela Russell, Trish Sigler-Valacer, and Linwood Tynes truly appreciated. The freshman class owes a big debt of gratitude to these chaperone parents as well as Mr. Brown and Mr. Tharp who survived EIGHT HOURs to make this memorable evening (and morning) possible.