Night of the Dragon Holiday Ideas

December 15, 2009 Update

 Donations can be "regifted" items

Please consider donating an item or making a monetary donation to the auction. Donations are down this year and we are trying as hard as we can to make this the best auction ever. If you do not know what to donate, or think the item is not good enough, please contact Debbie Sawyer at and she can answer your questions. Please print out your auction form here and bring it to the PTSA box in the office of Valenta Williams. The deadline for donations is quickly approaching. January 15 is the last date for donations. Consider regifting some items! Catch the awesome sales that are at the stores now. To look for ideas and to see what was donated last year, click this online catalog link to view items from last year. Happy shopping and then donating. Let's start the March Madness in December!