2009 VJCL Latin Convention Winners

The 2009 VJCL Latin Convention, the year’s most anticipated gathering of Virginia’s Latin community, draws students from most middle and high schools around the state. A traditionally small delegation, Maggie Walker only sent six students in 2008, but this year marked a great turnout with 28 students attending. Latin Convention is a blend of both the academics and the arts associated with Latin. Tests ranging from mythology and history to grammar and poetry pit students from all levels against one another. Typically an elite test-taking school, Maggie Walker did not disappoint, with many students placing in at least one test. Awards were also garnered in the performing arts and photography contests. Convention is more than just competition though. “That’s Entertainment!” (the yearly talent show) and mock sword fights kept everyone busy between events. Midnight pizza delivery and Classical Club bonding made for a memorable weekend and great hopes for Maggie Walker’s Latin program to continue its growth over the coming years.

The Maggie L. Walker delegation received 65 top ten finishes. Elizabeth Ballou won first place in Reading Comprehension Poetry (level 3), Joe Martin won first place in Reading Comprehension Prose (level 3), Melody Wang won first place in Photography, Selena Kitchens won first place in Girls Costume. 2nd Place Awards were won by Caitlin Lane for Reading Comprehension (level 1), by Jake Davis for Reading Comprehension Prose (level 4), by Joe Martin for Reading Comprehension Poetry (level 3) and for Grammar (level 3), by Selena Kitchens for Watercolor, by Seth Bright for Reading Comprehension Prose (level 3) and for Sight Reading (level 3). John Roach won 3rd Place in Derivatives (level 3) and in Reading Comprehension Prose (level 3) and Tyler Pearson won 3rd Place in Reading Comprehension Poetry (level 4) and in Reading Comprehension Poetry (level 4). Maggie Walker had four students who had three top ten finishes: Cami Ash, Elizabeth Ballou, Tong Sun, and Tyler Pearson. There were seven students who had four top ten finishes: Andrew Barron, Caitlin Lane, Jake Davis, Joe Martin, John Roach, Olivia Coffey, and Seth Bright. Melody Wang and Selena Kitchens both had five top ten finishes. Our congratulations to all!