Budget cuts. Swine flu.  Subprime mortgage defaults. Visigoth-themed credit-card commercials. When life seems nasty, brutish, short and riven with disharmony, you need a way to reconnect with the beautiful, the excellent, and the virtuous. You need to plug into the harmony and energy of the universe. You need a way to feel that life has meaning again!

Or, you can come see the FACULTY LOUNGE LIZARDS, at the Camel, at 5pm on Friday, January 29. For a modest ($5) cover charge, you can escape the unfeeling world with an ice-cold Fresca and our special brand of Old School R&B, bodacious blues and splendid soul, performed by six highly-skilled and enthusiastic MLWGS teachers.

The Camel is on W. Broad St, just west of the Lombardy St. intersection. It’s pretty much next to the Firehouse Theater and across the street from Lowe’s. You can’t miss the place. Especially when you’re in it, listening to the Lizards! While we’re at it, do yourself a favor. Go to facultyloungelizards.com and sign up for our e-mailing list, so you won’t miss our other award-winning shows.

We can’t wait to see you on the 29th. We promise you’ll enjoy the show!

The Faculty Lounge Lizards