JDRF Idol and Backup Singers Needed, Auditions on January 16

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is looking for a new JDRF IDOL to perform at our Gala and to sing the national anthem at a Flying Squirrels' baseball game this summer.

The last two years, the JDRF Idol honors have been given to American Idol finalist, Elliot Yamin. This year he will be on tour and unable to attend our Gala, so we are looking for local talent that can sing to be our JDRF IDOL. Auditions will be held on January 16 from 12:00-5:00 pm at the Children's Museum. Children and adults ages six and older are invited to come and tryout for a chance to perform at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's 10th Annual Gala on February 27 at the Jefferson Hotel.

Come to the auditions prepared to tell a 30-second story of how diabetes has affected your life. It could be that you have diabetes, that your child has diabetes, another family member, your best friend, your teacher or your student has diabetes. Or that you are just concerned about this growing health problem. (We will be airing as many of these diabetes stories as we can at the Gala).

Then sing, accompanied by an instrumental CD, for a minute to a song of your choice. Three winners will be picked to sing at the JDRF Gala and 25 backup singers will be selected as well. Winners will sing Beatles' songs that complement the gala theme "All You Need is Love."

DJ Kash from Q94 will be a JDRF Idol guest judge along with Louise Kirby and Jaime Swingley. Callbacks for the finalists will be held the next day at the Jefferson Hotel from 2:00-4:00 pm. There is no fee to tryout, but a $5.00 donation to JDRF or the Children's Museum is appreciated. Pre-registration is required at type1kids@gmail.com.