Night of the Dragon Donation Deadline Approaching

January 5, 2010 Update

 Donation deadline is January 15

Thank you to all who have donated to the auction so far this year! We are still looking for donations and the deadline is quickly approaching! January 15 is the deadline for donations. These next weeks will fly by so please think of Maggie Walker while you are shopping.  Unique experiences are really popular at the auction, as well as lessons, and of course an array of different items. Here is a link to the auction catalog from last year to get some ideas.  Please consider donating an item to the auction, or a check. All the proceeds benefits the kids at this great school. It is the biggest fundraiser for the year and remember you do not have to sell anything. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt back after we receive your donation. Print out an auction form here and bring it back to school to Valenta Williams' office.  We hope you enjoyed your holidays and happy shopping! Please contact Debbie Sawyer at with any questions.