German Convention

The annual convention of the Virginia Organization of German Students (VOGS) took place at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School February 26–27. The theme of the convention was “Einigkeit” or unity. Twenty-three high schools and middle schools from across Virginia participated in a variety of workshops and competitions, such as the Battle of the Brains and Forensics. Most of the twenty-five workshops were conducted by MLWGS students, teachers, and parents. In addition more than 250 students and teachers and ten alumni attended the Saturday session. Gisela Hornberger (alumna, ’03), who had originally organized the convention in 2003, stopped by on Friday to wish the German Club co-presidents, Kelsie Taylor and Logan Ferrell, success. Many thanks to all the students, teachers, parents, and administrators for their hard work and support of a most rewarding experience.