March Madness a Huge Success!

Did you catch last Saturday’s “March Madness?” Not the CAA tournament play–we’re talking about an incredible event that was totally wild and wonderful for MLWGS: our Eighth Annual Night of the Auction 2010, held March 6 at the Acca Shrine Center.

Over 300 parents, faculty, alumni, and other MLWGS friends gathered to dine, socialize, and most importantly, support Maggie Walker’s school organizations, including six booster groups, the PTSA, and the MLW Governor’s School Foundation.

Tables were laden with hundreds of gift items for all interests: works of art, jewelry, baskets galore, and scads of certificates for getaways, tours, outings, gourmet dinners, photo sessions, parking passes, box graduation seats, and lessons in practically anything. Bidding was fast and furious in both the live and silent auctions, and nearly all mad bidders seemed to finish up with at least one prized selection, a set of green beads and a smile, if not every item they had originally hoped to “win.”

More than nine months of intensive auction committee planning and labor under the brilliant and skilled leadership of auction co-chairs Debbie Sawyer, Terri Clifton, Julie Weissend, and David Henderson produced this gala evening. Undeterred by the economic downturn and focused on the “fun” in fundraising for the family of Green Dragons, the inspired co-chairs and their dedicated band of 30-plus volunteers worked cheerfully and effectively to arrange the venue, catering, entertainment, invitations, signage, certificates, and catalog. In what can only be described as a spectacular feat, they doggedly secured, packaged, and promoted donations from 175+ corporate and group donors in addition to 185 individual donors.

We owe all auction committee members and chairs an enormous debt of gratitude for their commitment, vision, and sacrifice on behalf of our school and students. Monies raised from the Night of the Dragon auction go to giving our talented student athletes/scholars/actors/musicians/artists and the inspired teachers who enlighten them more opportunities to travel, compete, showcase themselves, expand their learning and skills, while supporting each another through personal journeys at the Maggie Walker Governor’s School.

When you next see Deb, Terri, Julie, or Dave, be sure to let them know how much you value the superb achievement of this year’s auction. Make their day even brighter–volunteer to help and donate for Night of the Dragon Auction 2011!

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