Scholarship Nominations

Congratulations to these students who have been selected as the Maggie L. Walker nominees for several scholarships in recent months!

Virginia Young: Virginia was selected as a Lexus Scholars Weekly winner by the Lexus scholarship committee for athletics and scholarship. Virginia will compete with other weekly winners for a scholarship in the spring.

Samantha Halle: Sam was selected as our nominee for the Principal’s Leadership Award for her many contributions to the Maggie Walker community.

Will Farmer: Will was selected as our nominee for the Comcast Leaders & Achievers Scholarship for his leadership within multiple Maggie Walker organizations as well as his achievements outside of school.

Tyler Gibson
: Tyler was selected as the recipient of the Brotherhood-Sisterhood Youth Award given by the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond for his ability to relate to others and his participation in organizations that improve human relationships and inter-group understanding.
Elsa Schultze: Elsa was selected by the Unites States Department of Education to be a candidate for the Presidential Scholars Program.

Maryam Patton:
 Maryam was selected as our nominee for the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship for continued academic achievement.
All seniors are encouraged to apply for the opportunities advertised through the Senior Newsletter ( and their communities. Joy Davis routinely advertises opportunities available for sophomores and juniors.