The Robert E. and Jacquelyn Pogue Scholarship

Seniors who are interested in studying history, government, and/or politics in the future may want to consider applying for the scholarship described below.

The Robert E. and Jacquelyn Pogue scholarship annually recognizes a Maggie Walker senior by an award of $3,000 per year for the first two years of their college experience. Selection criteria include demonstration of a strong interest in the study of history, government and politics, an ability to achieve in a well-rounded academic program, proven leadership ability, and a strong commitment to community service. Financial need will be considered, although it is not a primary factor. Students can pick up an application from their social studies teacher or Ms. Loving, or it can be accessed on Naviance. Please return this to Ms. Loving by April 16 at 3:00 pm. An information session will be held Wednesday, April 14 from 3:20 - 3:45 pm in room 210 (the computer lab next to the main office).

Please contact Mr. Wilkes, Ms. Taylor, or Ms. Loving with questions.