Spanish Teacher Awarded Uruguay / US Exchange

Congratulations to Donna Bennington, MLWGS Spanish teacher, for being selected to participate in the 2010 Educational Seminars: Uruguay-United States Principal and Teacher Exchange Program which is administered by American Councils for International Education and the Fulbright Commission. The combined group of ten teachers and administrators represent schools from Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Indiana and New York.

This award includes: round trip airfare from Richmond, Virginia, to Montevideo, Uruguay, living arrangements, a stipend for incidentals and educational materials and accident/sickness insurance.

From July 19 to August 8 (which is Uruguay’s winter and schools are in session), Ms. Bennington’s itinerary will be filled with a variety of academic and social activities: a week long orientation, touring, visits to a minimum of two schools for a week each, observing classes, exchanging teaching strategies, comparing educational systems, planning a joint project with the schools visited, and giving presentations in Spanish and English about MLWGS, Richmond, Virginia and the United States. Ms. Bennington will also have opportunities to spend time with Ana Szephegyi, the Uruguayan teacher, whom she and MLWGS hosted as part of this program in February.