French Students Tour Capitol in Maggie Walker Governor’s School Exchange

Twenty high school students and two teachers from Toulouse, France, are visiting Richmond this and next week as the second half of a student exchange program at the Maggie Walker Governor’s School.

The students and their hosts will tour the State Capitol and tour the Governor’s Mansion on Thursday 27 May. Virginia’s First Lady will be greeting the students and teachers.

Other sites visited in Richmond include Tredegar Iron Works, Belle Island, and Maymont Mansion, including a “behind the scenes” tour at Maymont’s Nature Center. The French students will also be visiting Williamsburg, Jamestown and Washington, D.C.

“I have personally witnessed the wonderful outcomes of educational and cultural exchanges of this kind,” said Maggie Walker Director Fred Morton. “Every student should spend time in another country. Travel helps students in thinking just not cross-culturally, but cross-conceptually.”