Latin Awards

During the month of March, Maggie L. Walker Latin students wrote 3 different national and state examinations. The month began with 96 students taking the National Latin Examination. 99% of our students received national recognition which included 15 students who achieved Cum Laude recognition and 13 students who were recognized with certificates of Magna Cum Laude. There were 22 students who achieved Maxima Cum Laude and were awarded a silver medal. Finally, there were 45 students who won gold medals and were recognized with Summa Cum Laude certificates. 70% of our students were awarded medals. Additionally, Natalie Bruno had a perfect score on the National Latin Examination.

Gold Medal Awards were won by:
Andrea Yeh (Henrico, 2012), Scott Yeudall (Chesterfield, 2012), Eric Ott (Chesterfield, 2012), Michael Dinh (Chesterfield, 2012), Grace Gardiner (Chesterfield, 2011), Jason Hunter (Henrico, 2013), Christine Gao (Chesterfield, 2013), Dylan Fauss (Chesterfield, 2012), Sara Reese (Chesterfield, 2012), Marschall Furman (Chesterfield, 2012), Katherine Baumann (Henrico, 2013), Hannah Barton (Henrico, 2013), Melanie Burks (Chesterfield, 2011), Daniel Burruss (Richmond, 2012), Natalie Bruno (Chesterfield, 2013), Ann Valentine (Richmond, 2013), Seth Carroll (Hanover, 2013), Adam Davis (Chesterfield, 2013), Michael Valacer (Hanover 2013), Olivia Coffey (Richmond, 2012), Ross Anderson (Richmond, 2012), Lia Russell (Richmond, 2013), James Byrd (Henrico, 2012), Rachel Galton (Chesterfield, 2013), Chloe Simpson (Richmond, 2011), Helen Dawson (Richmond, 2012), Lana Parsons (Chesterfield 2013), Emily Powell (Richmond, 2012), Catherine Emblidge (Richmond, 2011), Heather Rucker (Powhatan, 2011), Porter McRoberts, Jonas Rogers (Henrico, 2013), John Roach (Chesterfield, 2011), John Dickinson (Henrico, 2011), Cindy Luan (Henrico 2011), Joe Martin (Henrico, 2011), Elizabeth Ballou (Richmond, 2012), Lucie Hanes (Richmond, 2012), John Clikeman (Chesterfield, 2012), Tyler Pearson (Hanover 2011), Madeleine Lowman (Richmond, 2011), Jacob Davis (Chesterfield, 2010), Tong Sun (Henrico, 2010), and Sarah Angelo (Henrico, 2010). As a graduating senior, and a student who has won 5 consecutive Gold Medals, Sarah Angelo has been awarded a book award from the American Classical League.

Following the National Latin Examination, 11 of our students wrote the Medusa Mythology Examination. The Medusa Mythology Exam has a rotating list of topics for study and this year the younger Olympian Deities and their mythology formed the basis of the test. Students largely prepared for the examination on their own. This was the first year MLWGS students have taken this national Examination. Eight of our students were nationally recognized with certificates of Corona Laurea and Corona Oliva. Two of our students were medal recipients. John Clikeman (Chesterfield, 2012) won a Bronze Medal and Christine Gao (Chesterfield, 2013) won a Silver Medal.

At the end of March 53 of our Latin students participated in the very rigorous Classical Association of Virginia Latin Tournament. This is a very demanding test and is designed for the best of the best. 23 of our students were recognized as Honorable Mention, while 3 of our students won medal awards. Kate Baumann (Henrico, 2013), placed 3rd in the State for the Level One Competition, Seth Bright (Chesterfield, 2013) won 3rd place for the Advanced Prose Competition, and Lindsey Brown (Chesterfield, 2012) placed second in the State for the Vergil Competition.

Dr. Broeniman and Mr. Ross are overwhelmingly pleased with the success of our students, their willingness to participate in these competitions, and to support national and state classical associations.