MLWGS Students Participate in the National French Contest

The following MLWGS students participated in the National French Contest (Le Grand Concours). Their rankings listed are in the Virginia pool of candidates, of which there were approximately 2,200. Congratulations to all!

Polk, Ryan French 1 (9th Place)
Araujo, Mariajose French 2 (3rd Place)
Green, Catherine French 2 (10th Place)
Lohr, Natalie French 2 (10th Place)
Spiller, Emily French 3 (7th Place)
Yates, John French 3 (7th Place)
Bowers, Corinne French 3 (9th Place)
Prasad, Alia French 3 (9th Place)
Barth, Helena French 3 (10th Place)
Barton, Hanah French 3 (10th Place)
Dula, Teresa French 3 (10th Place)
Gao, Christine French 3 (10th Place)
Keller, Noemie French 4 (1st Place)
Yeh, Andrea French 4 (2nd Place)
Kuzemchak, Marie French 4 (3rd Place)
Pigg, Spencer French 4 (5th Place)
Wang, Eileen French 4 (6th Place)
Mladen, Samantha French 4 (7th Place)
Cui, Fangyang French 4 (8th Place)
Edelman, Laura French 4 (10th Place)
Goodfellow, Laura French 5 (1st Place)
Williams, Claire French 5 (4th Place)
Kellam, Aya French 5 (6th Place)
Andrianjatovo, Cynthia French 5 (6th Place)