"We The People" Team Places Third in National Competition

National Top Ten Finalists, Twelfth Consecutive Year
There was drama and excitement in the nation's capitol last weekend as Maggie Walker’s “We the People” team represented Virginia at the 23rd annual We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution National Finals. After two days of competition, Virginia was one of 10 teams to advance to the final third round of the National Championship in Washington, DC, last Monday, April 26. The competition was held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 106, where the Maggie Walker students warmed up the seats for the Goldman Sachs executives who testified there the next day.

Final standings were announced at a huge banquet held on Monday evening and the Maggie Walker team of 21 seniors claimed the bronze medal for third place this year. This is the twelfth consecutive year that Maggie Walker has placed in the Top Ten in this competition.

"We the People" team members study a broad range of topics related to American government and constitutionalism and prepare for a simulated congressional hearing, during which judges ask questions and score units based on knowledge and articulation. The academic competition marked the end of months of study and hard-won victories at the congressional district and state levels for more than 1,100 high school students representing all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Led by Maggie Walker social studies teacher, Matt McGuire, the following students represented Virginia in the competition:

Unit One: The Philosophical and Historical Foundations - Mitchell Caudill (Chesterfield), Maryam Patton (Chesterfield), and James Billard (Henrico)

Unit Two: The Constitutional Framers - Eric Sawchak (Chesterfield), Natalie Wong (Henrico), Elaine Hillgrove (Chesterfield), and Kelsie Taylor (Chesterfield)

Unit Three: The Development and Expansion of the Ideals of the Declaration of Independence - Jocelyn Powelson (Richmond), Kimberly Quick (Chesterfield), Staige Davis (Henrico), and Kyle Herman (Chesterfield)

Unit Four: The Constitutional Values and Principles Shaping American Institutions and Practices - Meredith Bearden (Henrico), Delia Gray (Henrico), Benjamin Kenzer (Henrico), and Emily Qiu (Goochland)

Unit Five: The Rights the Bill of Rights Protects - Dylan Kolhoff (Henrico), Katie Ardiff (Chesterfield), and Dallen McNerney III (Powhatan)

Unit Six: The Roles of the Citizen - Charlie Shobe (Richmond), Elsa Schultze (Chesterfield), and Travis McCall (Chesterfield)

More information can be found about the competition at http://www.civiced.org

NPR Interview: http://ideastations.org/radio/archive/2010-04-28-governor-s-school-competes-national-competition
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