About Smoke and Scales

Welcome Dragons!  For those of you returning to our e-newsletter website you may notice that our banner and color scheme has changed.  The Smoke and Scales editing team would like to thank Katie Warker (Class of 2013) for her winning design entry.  We look forward to using this student inspired "dragon" banner  for the 2010-11 school year.   

Smoke and Scales Q&A

What is Smoke and Scales?  Smoke and Scales is the Dragon's weekly electronic newsletter which is designed to keep students, parents, faculty and subscribed alumni in touch with the school and community events.  Every Tuesday when school is in session new articles are posted on our website http://smokeandscales.blogspot.com.  Articles include information regarding fundraisers, PTSA Booster activities, awards, scholarships, community service and volunteer opportunities.   

How can I receive Smoke and Scales?  You may access Smoke and Scales anytime online at http://smokeandscales.blogspot.com.  You will receive an email reminder on Tuesdays which will prompt you to click on the website.  If you would like to add an email address to our mailing list go to the following link: http://www.gsgis.k12.va.us/ourschool/subscribe.html

Who can submit articles to Smoke and Scales?  We welcome news and information from faculty, parents, students and school administrators.  We adhere to PTSA guidelines and do not accept ads from vendors.

How can I submit an article to Smoke and Scales?  You may send your text and/or photos in an email message to smokeandscales@gmail.com by Friday for inclusion in the next blog update of Smoke and Scales. Format for photos or graphics is jpg.  We appreciate articles submitted EXACTLY as you would like them published.

Who can I contact about Smoke and Scales? The Smoke and Scales newsletter is a totally volunteer effort, coordinated and edited  by parents: Wendy Shannon (2012 Parent) and Jen Chambers (2011 Parent). We look forward to publishing your Dragon news. Please contact us at smokeandscales@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

 GOT NEWS?  email:  smokeandscales@gmail.com   We look forward to hearing from you!