Earn Money for MLWGS Every Time You Shop

Kroger: Take our school bar code (available at school website under Parent Resources/PTSA Fundraising) to your local Kroger store customer service desk to be scanned along with your Kroger Plus Card. You MUST relink your Kroger Plus Card at the start of EACH school year so even if you did it last year, you still have to do it again! If you forget to take the bar code with you, you can go to the Kroger customer service desk and ask them to look up our school and link your card. Every time you shop at Kroger and scan your Kroger Plus Card, you will earn our school points towards valuable equipment.

Target: Every purchase you make using your Target credit card earns cash for our school. Target donates 1% of all Target Visa Credit Card and Target Credit Card purchases made at a Target store or at Target.com and 1% of all Target Check Card purchase made at a Target Store. Target donate 1/2% of all Target Visa Credit Card purchases made outside of Target. This program runs year round!

Follow these easy steps to register your Target credit card:
  1. Go to www.target.com/tcoe
  2. Click on Enroll
  3. Search for our school using our number 104517
  4. Complete your personal card information and your are linked.
Food Lion: Make sure you link your Food Lion MVP card to our school so we can earn credit for every Food Lion brand purchase you make. You only have to link your card one time, and our school will automatically receive credit whenever you shop and scan your card at the register.
Follow these easy steps to link your card to our school:
  1. Go to www.Foodlion.com or call           1-800-352-4658      to link your card.
  2. Click on Community Outreach on the left side of the screen
  3. Click on MVP Rewards tab
  4. Click Register Your MVP Card (directly below the picture of the piggy bank)
  5. Click on the arrow that says “shoppers register here”
  6. Once on the MVP Shoppers Registration page, enter the MVP card number (all 12 digits), contact information, and our school’s code (217706). Once our school’s information appears on the screen, press the add button.
Questions? Contact Donna S. Earley, MLWGS PTSA Business Partnerships donnasearley@yahoo.com