An Important Message from the Yearbook Editor

Senior Portraits: Senior Portraits will be taken by Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits at school on Thursday and Friday, September 9-10, in the Black Box. Note the location change! Your tux or drape will be provided. Sign up outside Room 330, and bring your sitting fee. Lifetouch/Prestige gives you three options for the in-school photo shoot: $25 for up to 8 proofs, the yearbook pose and 1 casual outfit OR $30 for up to 18 proofs, the yearbook pose and 1 casual outfit OR $40 for up to 28 proofs, the yearbook pose, and at least one casual outfit. All orders must be prepaid on the day of the photo shoot. Seniors who wish to be photographed at another time should contact Lifetouch/Prestige (262-3308 or 262-3411 on the Northside, 423-5216 on the Southside). If you’d rather be photographed for your formal Yearbook portrait at another studio, be sure that your portraits adhere to the following specifications
a. formal dress (the drape for women, a tux top for men)
b. "midnight blue" or other standard, dark blue background (shouldn't cost extra)
c. photo should be head & shoulders, w/ bottom of frame hitting mid-chest level. Any size from Lifetouch [2-15/16" x 2-3/16" OR 2-3/16" x 1-5/8" OR 1-15/16" x 1-7/16"] is OK.
Photos from other studios are due no later than Friday, November 12. If we do not have your picture by the 12th, you risk exclusion from the Yearbook's senior section. Please give Mr. White a copy of the photo if it’s not from Lifetouch/Prestige. (The folks at Lifetouch will send their own clients’ photos directly to MLWGS). Digital images must be a minimum of 300 dpi. The Yearbook staff prefers to work with digital images, which can be emailed to or delivered on a CD or flash drive to Mr. White.

Underclassman Pictures: All other students (non-seniors) will be photographed in school on Monday and Tuesday, September 27-28. Students will be called down to Room 153 alphabetically, by class. If you wish to purchase copies of the photos, you must prepay before or on your photo day (as of now, freshmen and sophomores A-M are scheduled to go on September 27, while the rest of the non-seniors will be photographed the next day). Students are cautioned to dress and pose appropriately. Inappropriate photos will not be printed in the Yearbook. Picture order forms will be available soon; be sure to listen to the morning announcements to find out how you can get them from Mr. White.

Senior Ads: A large section of every Yearbook is devoted to Senior Ads. In this section, seniors' families create their own tributes to their favorite graduates. Yearbook pages measure 8-1/2" by 11". Ads may be purchased to cover a full page ($220), 1/2-page ($140), or 1/4-page ($80). Please make checks payable to MLWGS. To purchase a Senior Ad, send the picture(s) you want printed (please keep prints loose), along with any text you would like to include, to Mr. White’s attention, at MLWGS. Digital files (individual images only, please; they must be 300 DPI minimum) are also acceptable; they may be emailed to or delivered to school on a CD or flash drive. We cannot accept digital layouts that you’ve done yourself, as they tend to yield low-quality and hard-to-manipulate results. Please be sure to indicate the size you prefer the ad to be, your name, the name of the senior being honored, and your address and phone number or email. The Yearbook editors and staff reserve the right to alter, edit, or reject photos or text due to spatial constraints or failure to comply with these guidelines. The final deadline for submissions is Friday, January 7, 2011. Ads missing the deadline may be subject to a $15 late fee and may risk exclusion entirely.

Yearbook Orders: The 2011 MLWGS Yearbook can be ordered NOW! Yearbooks are $40 through Friday, October 8. After Fall Festival, the price goes up to $45 and, later, to $50. Buy now and save yourself some money! Pick up an order form outside Room 121 and send it (with cash or a check made payable to MLWGS; via snail mail or the Backpack Express) to Mr. White, c/o MLWGS (he can also be found in Room 330). Soon we’ll also be sending out information as to how you can order a Yearbook online using a credit card. If you missed a chance to purchase the 2010 Yearbook, those are available for $20. Contact Mr. White for more info