National Merit Semifinalists

Following is a list of this year’s National Merit and National Achievement Semifinalists. These students have the opportunity to compete in the National Merit and National Achievement Scholarship Competitions. Finalists will be announced in early February.

Andrews, Brooke A.
Andrianjatovo, Cynthia
Barnett, Elizabeth E.
Barron, Andrew L.
Baumann, Olivia H.
Casalaspi, Thomas J.
Chen, Daniel G.
Dhillon, Baltej S.
Emba, Cheta G.
Hu, Leon
Kellam, Aya E.
Kong, Jason Y.
Kuzemchak, Marie D.
Lowman, Madeleine E.
Ma, Duanpeng
Malone, Nelson C.
Martin, Joseph S.
McRoberts, Bruce P.
Merchant, Laura A.
Nancekivell, Brooke S.
Pigg, Spencer H.
Premaratne, Ishani D.
Rives, Henry C.
Roach, John N.
Rucker, Heather M.
Straus, Jennifer E.
Tanner, Edward F. 
Williams, Claire L.