New VCU Library Policy

VCU Libraries changed their high school borrowers policy this month. Since many MLWGS students borrow books from VCU through the regular VCU undergraduate borrowing privileges associated with a dual enrollment class on their schedule (a separate policy from the high school borrowers policy), this change will likely impact only a small number of MLWGS students (VCU estimates that only about a dozen MLWGS students borrowed through their high school borrower privileges option last year). 

Students for whom this high school borrowing policy is important are non-seniors who aren't taking a VCU dual enrollment class AND non-seniors enrolled in a year-long VCU dual enrollment class who need to check out books from VCU Libraries during the first semester (in year-long VCU dual enrollment courses, undergraduate borrowing privileges do not become active until second semester). This reference specifies non-seniors because all MLWGS seniors have access to VCU undergraduate borrowing privileges through their dual enrollment in HUMS 291 (associated with their senior mentorship/seminar). All students eligible for undergraduate borrowing privileges with VCU Libraries must have an active, official VCU student ID in order to exercise those privileges.

What is the new policy for high school borrowers? The new policy requires students to obtain a single-use pass from the MW Library each time they wish to check out books from the VCU Libraries. The single-use pass may be granted for up to 5 books. Before students can obtain their first pass, they need to complete and sign–and have their parent/guardian sign–the MW Library Special Borrowing Privileges Form. This means they must PLAN AHEAD to borrow from VCU Libraries.

For more details, such as loan periods, overdue fines, and lost book fees, see the VCU Libraries page of the MW Library Research Commons. For your convenience, the MW Library Special Borrowing Privileges Form is attached to the bottom of that page as a PDF. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. DeGroat at