News from the English Department

This summer MLWGS English teacher Lisa Williams used her REB grant to initiate a personal and academic study of the African-American movement from slavery to freedom. The journey began in Ghana, her ancestral home, with an 8-day tour embarking from the capital of Accra and traveling through Kumasi and on to Cape Coast. The focus of her study there was the prolific, centuries-long slave trade of Africa’s West Coast, including the infamous Slave Castle that housed up to a thousand slaves at a time awaiting exportation. These experiences will find their way into all three of Mrs. Williams’ different classes this year – informing literature during the third quarter sub-Saharan Africa unit in Freshman English, connecting to colonial works in AP Literature and Composition such as Heart of Darkness, and acting as a model of inquiry in the new genealogical Senior Seminar. Mrs. Williams will be continuing her study when she travels to the American Midwest next summer, but in the meantime hopes to create a partnership between Maggie Walker and the local school in Kumasi. Ask your student or check back in Smoke and Scales for more information as the year goes on. Click here to see pictures from this amazing opportunity.