Ninth Night of the Dragon Auction: March 5, 2011

Please join us for the first planning meeting of the year on October 4 at 8:00 am in the Board Room on the second floor. We meet once a month, until February, usually on a Monday morning, but it is not necessary that you attend all the meetings. There are quite a few parents of seniors who need a shadow to work with them this year to keep the auction running smoothly in future years. We have raised over $60,000 in past years for all the booster groups. It takes a multitude of volunteers to make this event possible. I hope you can join us and be a part of this great auction committee.

We are especially looking for a corporate sponsor to work with Hal Waller and the Foundation to go on corporate visits with him to solicit donations. If you have any experience in this, please contact Hal Waller or Debbie Sawyer. Do not hesitate to contact Debbie Sawyer at if you have questions.