Student Directory Deadline October 2nd

Each year the Parent Teacher Student Association compiles and publishes a free PTSA Student Directory. This publication is widely used by MLWGS students, parents, faculty, staff, boosters, and foundation organizations. The data provided is also used to generate mailings and email distribution lists for school, booster, and PTSA notices and newsletters.

Be a Student Directory Sponsor!

To be a sponsor, send your business card and a $20 contribution toward printing expenses of the directory. Your business card will be included in the Sponsor’s Section of the directory. Quarter, half, and full page ads are also available for $25, $50, and $100 respectively.

Deadline for submissions must be postmarked by October 2nd.

Make your check payable to MLWGS PTSA. To submit your business card simply drop it in the mail to:
MLWGS PTSA Directory
11781 Rexmoor Drive
Richmond, VA 23236

For ¼, ½, and full page ads contact us via email with your proposed copy. If you have questions about this publication please contact Bruce Carney at 

Example of an ad from last year's directory: