Auction Needs Your Help

The Night of the Dragon is set for Saturday, March 5, 2011. We are in need of committee members to help round out the auction committee. If interested, please contact Debbie Sawyer at and we will get you started. The committee is looking for parents with kids in all grades, so do not be shy if you are a freshman, sophomore, junior and even a senior parent and want to help. Here is a list of the positions that need to be filled:
  • Cashiers and Check-Out Committee (someone or couple to coordinate the check-out for the night of the auction and be in charge of cashiers. We have this down to a science so it is an easy task);
  • Catalog Writers (creative people to write descriptions of the items being auctioned off);
  • Sponsorships Chair to solicit donations from corporate sponsors (working with Hal Waller to go to a few corporations to talk about the auction);
  • Online catalog (the entire catalog is online with pictures and descriptions, hopefully two weeks before the auction. You would be working with Diann Liptak. If you are good with something like this we need your help);
  • Academics Booster Rep to solicit for Academics Boosters (solicit and coordinate items for Academic Boosters);
  • Drama Boosters Rep to solicit for Drama Boosters (Solicit and coordinate items for Drama Boosters);
  • PTSA Rep to solicit for PTSA (Solicit and coordinate items with Debbie Sawyer for the PTSA);
  • Athletic Booster Rep to solicit for Athletic Boosters (Solicit and coordinate items with Dave Henderson for Athletic Boosters).
We will meet next Monday,  November 1 at 8:00 am in the board room on the second floor. You do not necessarily need to come to the meetings to fill some of the above positions. Look for future articles for suggestions of what to donate and the auction donation form.