Calling All Missing Registration Forms

Maggie Walker put Registration Update forms in each Back-to-School packet. This form showed what information we currently have on file for your child, in addition to requesting other information for our records, such as medical and emergency contacts.

Another piece of information asked for your permission to share certain demographics with the PTSA for the Student Directory. We asked that you make any corrections, select Yes or No for directory permission and return the form to school.

As of today, we are missing 236 forms! With that number of missing forms, the Student Directory will only be 70% complete. In the past, this directory has helped many students and parents connect with each other.

We are asking for your help in completing and returning the absent forms. You may have received an email if your child’s form has not been returned. But we do not have all emails on file for everyone, so you may be one of the missing!

If we do not have your form back by Friday, October 14, we will have to print the directory without your information. Don’t be one of the missing!

If you need a new form or want to find out if yours is missing, please contact either Valenta Williams (, Darlene Bowman ( or Zona Hicks (