Cookies Needed for Open House

Can you recall the first night you visited MLWGS in the fall for the Open House? Do you remember the warm cookie reception afterward? Those cookies were all provided by MLWGS students and now is the time for all freshman and sophomore students to help provide the warm reception to our prospective students and parents.

Mark your calendar now to bring in cookies on Wednesday, November 3 and Thursday, November 4. If you provide cookies, there will be two hours of community service for baked cookies and one hour of community service for purchased cookies. We will have the forms already for you to fill in your name. Just bring in the cookies!

When you are home all day on Tuesday, November 2 for election day, bake those cookies and bring them in.
Look for the hospitality volunteers during the mornings of November 3 - 4 in the Blue Stone lobby school entrance (bus loop). Bring your cookies in a crush-proof, disposable container (shoe boxes work great), so they won’t be crumbs by the time you reach school. Wednesday is the best day but we will also collect cookies on Thursday.

Please email Julie Mallory at or Paula Rhoads at to let them know if you will bring cookies. One dozen, two dozen, no amount is too large or too small. Chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite, but be creative and think colorful and spirited so our platters will be unique and delicious! Thank you!