Fall Festival Recap

FALL FESTIVAL 2010 - Outdoing Ourselves
Muses from Ann Majors Hiles
2010 PTSA Fall Festival Committee Chair

Reflecting on this year’s Fall Festival, I was inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the student clubs—for in four short weeks these students go from concept to execution, stretch a buck, and vie for financial support from the 900 or so festival goers. As a MLWGS parent, I am delighted at how this event transforms and rejuvenates the students every October. How students and parents from so many different counties manage to work together to make it happen.

On October 8, visitors prepared their senses for a varied smorgasbord of games and wares, sounds and sensibilities—and let’s not forget the international food, that tempted our senses, and offered gastric delights. Patrons left the festival wondering how can it possibly outdo itself?  Somehow it always does…..and this year was no exception.

What’s truly amazing is how the Fall Festival tradition—which has seen 14 years—is still alive, thriving, and continues to raise over $13,000 for student organizations. This year’s club participation hit 64, and entertainment participation was a whopping 28! For that, we can thank the event’s devoted sponsors, volunteers, and most importantly the patrons spending money, who haven’t let a little thing like an economic downturn spoil one of MLWGS’s finest moments.

In summary, each and every one of the Fall Festival Committee members totally blew me away with their level of professionalism and self-directed execution of all duties involved to bring about the Fall Festival. They certainly made my job practically moot!  I stand in thankful admiration for the commitment, dedication, and invaluable service the Fall Festival Committee demonstrated to the entire MLWGS community.

As we close the book on the 2010 MLWGS Fall Festival, please know that it has been my absolute PLEASURE bringing the Fall Festival to life. I humbly offer my enormous respect, and stand in awe of the entire 2010 Fall Festival Committee and the MLWGS community. So students, faculty, and parents, when it comes to the PTSA’s Fall Festival, YES!, we continue to OUTDO ourselves.

2010 Fall Festival Recap and Acknowledgements
The Fall Festival Committee wants to say a big Thank YOU! This year, the PTSA Fall Festival Committee hosted a total of 56 booths, and increased student participation with 64 student clubs represented, demonstrating that student club participation was outstanding! Seeing as there was a whopping 28 awesome entertainment acts this year, we thought you should see the highlights of the Fall Festival Stage, simply irresistible!
3:45 PM   Slow Children Playing
3:55 PM   Avogadro & Her Magic Numbers
4:05 PM   Sweet Thursday
4:15 PM   Maggie Walker Digital Music
                 Production Ensembles:
                                    Amphibious Bulldozer
                                    Drumming with Chopsticks
                                    Earth Rock System
                                    Ice Cream
4:35 PM   Nobody (Dance)
4:45 PM   Maggie Walker Orchestra
5:00 PM   Sasha Jervay’s Dance
5:10 PM   Maggie Walker Jazz Band 1
5:20 PM   Signs of the Times
5:30 PM   Maggie Walker Jazz Band II
5:45 PM   Maggie Walker Jazz Improv Combo
5:55 PM   MLW Dance Club
6:05 PM   Maggie Walker Green Dragon Pep Band
6:15 PM   Rent-A-Roman
6:30 PM   Deadbeats
6:40 PM   Maggie Walker Chorus
6:50 PM   MLW Drama Club Presents “Brief Shakespeare”
7:00 PM   Caitlyn & the Deserters
7:10 PM   C.H.A.M
7:20 PM   Herro Sugar
7:30 PM   The Skadivers
7:45 PM   Faculty Lounge Lizards
8:05 PM   Steven Gizzi
8:15 PM   The EJE

In addition to the phenomenal artistic expression demonstrated on the Fall Festival Entertainment Stage, let me honor some additional PTSA award winners:
  • The award for the 2010 Fall Festival Freshman T-shirt Design goes to Erika Chu. Her design grants her a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, complements of the PTSA.  Congratulations Erika, what a way to launch your high school experience!
  • The award for The Best Decorated Booth goes to the Young Republicans! The Model T, flags, banners, and barbeque were quite impressive! So, for their decorating efforts the PTSA will deposit $30 into their club treasury.
  • Lastly, the Class Participation Shout-Out award goes to the Sophomore Class!  Congratulations, class of 2013! We always knew you were loud mouths! Because the Sophomore class had the most class participation, the PTSA will deposit $50 into your class treasury.
So, from the PTSA and the Fall Festival Committee, we shout out a huge congratulation to ALL the winners of Fall Festival 2010.

The MLWGS PTSA wishes to sincerely thank the host of individuals and businesses who have given much to make our event truly festive and successful.  Please join me in thanking:
  • To all the Fall Festival volunteers for their willingness to lend a helping hand, for their generous donation of time, and most importantly their commitment to optimizing the educational experience for all the MLWGSIS students.
  • Our families who contributed golf carts, generators, tents, lights, cords, and coolers—we couldn’t do it without you!
  • Cox Transportation Company for their continued, generous loan of the flatbed trailer that provides a spectacular stage.
  • James River Bus Lines and Virginia Union University, for the gracious provision of much needed parking space.
  • Richmond City Police Department for vital assistance with event safety.
  • C.F. Sauer Company for the donation of sample sets of their exceptional brand of spices, seasonings, extracts and flavorings.
  • Kroger (Lombardy) for their support with our many purchases.
  • Senior Class families for their generous sponsorship of the Moon-Bounce.
  • Freshman, Erika Chu for this year’s Fall Festival t-shirt design.
  • The Environmental Club for turn-key recycling and their commitment to keeping MLWGS “green.”
  • Anne Napps, PTSA President for supporting the Fall Festival Committee with a leadership style of wisdom, patience, fiduciary responsibility, and encouraging individuality of process, while exacting defined expectations.
  • Fran DiCicco and Mary Kay Carstensen for organizing our Fall Festival volunteers and coordinating their assignments.
  • Scott Robinson-Carr for skillfully managing the entire setup of scads of equipment and cheerfully coordinating scores of needed vendors.
  • Paige Kerr for pulling together an exciting schedule of dazzling entertainment and important presentations for our family of “Green Dragons.”
  • Kathy Myers, for arranging the purchase, storage, and sales of PTSA drinks.
  • Lisa Byles for making cleanup and take down run smoothly.
  • Julie Copeland for registering, managing and coordinating student clubs and sponsors for all their booth needs.
  • Melissa Oliver for Fall Festival publicity to “get the word out.”
  • Charles Byles for organizing security for the entertainment, students, volunteers, and all Fall Festival attendees.
  • Ruth Woody, who created MLWGS with autumnal splendor.
  • Brad Earley, for faithful service as our vital link with finances.
  • Joan and Bill Yates, for their generous support, knowledge, and booth logistics expertise.
  • New Fall Festival Committee members Shelley Allen, Don Chandler, and Melissa DiCapri for their energy, enthusiasm, contributions and their commitment to creating continuity for future Fall Festivals.
  • To Tim and Jeremy Tillman, MLWGS senior and junior respectively, who launched our “beta” version of Generator Delivery. 
  • The MLWGS security and maintenance staff for all their service.
And special thanks to MLWGS administration, faculty, students, parents and clubs, who joined together to make Fall Festival 2010 fabulous, fun and philanthropic!