MLWGS Yearbook Rated Superior by VHSL

We have just been informed that the 2010 MLWGS yearbook, “Paint By Numbers,” received a SUPERIOR rating and a TROPHY CLASS ranking in the 2009-10 VHSL Yearbook judging. The judges praised our creative visual elements, layout design, writing, photography and coverage, while offering some helpful constructive criticism. Kudos go to Editor-in-Chief Susan Ballentine and Senior Section Editor Caitlin Riblett (both members of the Class of 2010), to Layout Editor Mattea Falk (the current Editor-in-Chief), and to the entire 2009-10 yearbook staff. Though tiny (the class had only nine students), the staff put together an outstanding book, and this adviser was immensely proud of their hard work and achievements. Thanks to everyone who made the 2010 yearbook possible!