Last Week for Virginia Diner Peanut Sale

Attention: Parents, Students, Families, Friends and Alumni of MLWGS!
Remember to place your orders from the packets sent home!

Virginia Diner Peanut Collection Boxes are in the Main Visitors Office. Additional order packets are available next to the collection boxes. Sale ends Friday, October 22. Delivery before the holidays, in three or four weeks.

Corporate sales with customized logos are available. Email for more information. Advertise your business!

Collegiate collection is new this year. Great gifts. Varied selection of Virginia and North Carolina colleges and universities. Logos on cans. UVA, VT, W&M, Uof R, VCU, JMU, ODU, RU, GM, NC, DUKE are just a few of the ones available.

Internet sales are available, all year long, until July 31. The website is Click on “Fundraising”, then click on Shopping Cart, then select “Virginia-Richmond” then select “Maggie Walker GS” then enter your (student’s) name. This will insure that MW gets credit and benefits from your order.

For more information consult the order form or contact PTSA /Trish Molver 721-7781, email:

We really appreciate your support for the MLWGS PTSA !!!