What Happens If You Give a Pig a Penny?

The answer: with enough pennies, the Global Citizen Corps will buy a farm family in Cambodia pigs to help provide it with a sustainable income. Members of Global Citizens Corps will be roaming the lunchrooms this week collecting spare change in its annual Change for Change fund drive. Funds will be channeled through Heifer International, which ensures that recipients receive training and are willing to give back to their communities by sharing piglets with other impoverished families. 

How you can help (and earn community service hours):
  1. Bring in a Piggy Bank for us to use and sign up to collect money one lunchtime next week. 
  2. Bring spare change to help make this effort a success. (If you are bringing a family “spare coin jar” from home, feel free to drop it off in Workroom 207 rather than lugging it around until lunch).
  3. Participate in Cross-Out Hunger Day on Thursday. For community service credit, bake cupcakes and decorate them an “X” using icing or candy.  Bring cupcakes to Dr. Spencer’s room (206) Thursday morning.
And be sure to sign up to wear an “X” on Thursday to represent people who die each day from malnutrition or related diseases. (See sign-up sheets in stairwells).

Questions? Contact Janet M. Spencer, English Department Maggie L. Walker Governor's School, jspencer@gsgis.k12.va.us.