Allen and Kaine Visit Maggie Walker & Dedicate Bronze Plaques

(left to right) Jason Kong, Patricia Menges, Emily Zhang, George Allen, Tim Kaine,
Catherine Emblidge, and Jonathan Kim
Two former Virginia Governors, former Virginia Sen. George Allen and Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine, spoke about the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights at a school-wide assembly on November 22. The pair also dedicated a set of bronze replicas of the documents, which will be displayed at the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School.

The discussion, which was moderated by former VCU political science professor Robert D. Holsworth, was marked by the congeniality of the two participants, who shared that they were friends and admirers of each other.

Both former governors were also complimentary of the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School both during the discussion and afterwards.

"Maggie Walker is just a fantastic school in so many respects, so I'm glad we could make time to celebrate such a historical occasion," said Allen.

Kaine shared that one of the political accomplishments of which he is most proud is helping the Governor’s School find its home in Maggie L. Walker High School back when he served as a Richmond city councilman.

"Every time for the rest of my life that I drive past Maggie Walker Governor's School,” said Kaine, “I will think 'that was a good thing.'"

The former Governors ended their discussion with an exhortation that the students consider becoming involved in the political process.

"You have to be motivated and inspired to do something, to change something, to improve," said Allen.

"[Serving as Governor] is a wonderful way to make a difference,” said Kaine, “and no one, in my opinion, will do it better than a Maggie Walker graduate."
(News release written with the assistance of Natalie Pita '13.)