FINAL WEEK of the $5,000 Sports Grant Challenge

Maggie Walker Sits in 3rd Place, and Needs Every Last Credit to Ensure We Win

Parents, this is the final week for your opportunity to compete for your kids. With less than 10 days remaining in our quest for the $5,000 sports grant, Maggie Walker currently stands in 3rd place. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday approaching and parents busy over the weekend this is our last chance to register credits for Maggie Walker. We are in a great position to walk away with a $5,000 grant, but need to collect every credit possible to avoid any last minute challenges by the group of teams all fighting for the final spots. We have come a long way this fall in our credit registration, and with one last push, can secure a grant for the kids. The parents have really shown the kids, that we too are up for a good competition, let's show them that we too know how to "finish strong." If you have not already signed up, please do so. Either visit the Maggie Walker Athletics website for additional directions or follow these simple instructions:


1.      When you go to the website, close the survey box – don’t bother with that.
2.      Click on “Community Grants” in the column on your left.
3.      In the center of the page, click on the blue “parents” box.
4.      Click on the blue “take the quiz” box.
5.      Take the quiz.
6.      Credit Maggie L. Walker Gov School in Richmond, VA.
(1) Reviewing the parental coursework (10 minutes) and then taking the parental quiz, or
(2) just take the parental quiz
If you also happen to be a youth coach, you can qualify for an ADDITIONAL point by:
(1) Reviewing the coaching coursework and taking the coaching quiz, or
(2) just take the coaching quiz
IMPORTANT FINAL STEP: When you pass your test, you earn a point; however you then must assign credit to your point to Maggie Walker. This can be a bit tricky, but follow the directions.  Let's win this for the Dragons!