Put Auction Donation Items on Your List

As the holidays are approaching, and the stores are having sales, now is the time to think "auction donations." The silent and live auction is the biggest fund raiser for the booster groups for the entire year. This year the date is Saturday, March 5, 2011. You will receive an email reminder to save the date for this year's auction. Tickets will remain $50 a person and go on sale in February. To make this the most successful event ever, it is imperative that each family contribute something to the auction. At least one donation per family will help to ensure that your student’s Maggie Walker experience will continue to be as well supported as it has been. If you would like to come to the next auction meeting, the next meeting is on Monday, December 6 at 8:00 am in the board room.

There are multiple ways for you to donate–either with a check made out to the MLWGS Foundation with “auction” in the comments, going to a merchant you frequent and asking for a donation, or donating a product or service yourself. Here are some ideas:
· Purchasing a SCRIP card from the PTSA from one of their many vendors
· Piece of artwork that you have no longer room to display or your tastes have changed
· Service you provide, or a one of a kind craft
· Donating your favorite bottle of wine or champagne
· Golf outings
· Weekend getaways, at a favorite hotel if donated by a few families are always a great item

Click here to see even more ideas. The ideas are out there and endless, you get the picture. If every family donates or contributes to something, this could be the biggest auction yet. Last year over $60,000 was raised from the auction. With the help of the wonderful and generous Maggie Walker families, we can meet and exceed last year's goal. Remember it all goes to the school and benefits the kids.

Each donation is tax deductible and a form can be downloaded from the school website. It is a good idea to send in the donation form to school, to your booster rep or Debbie Sawyer and then keep the item in your home until mid-February.

You can also select the booster group or groups that you want to benefit from the sale of your item. If you are still confused and have questions about an item, please do not hesitate to email Debbie Sawyer at Debbiethetwin@yahoo.com or Julie Weissend at julieweissend@dovetailinc.com.

The deadline for auction donations is January 15. An online catalog will be available two weeks before the auction date. Because of the new venue, we can seat 400 people. We will be mailing over 4,000 invitations. Please do not hesitate to email anyone of us and with your help, we can all feel the pride that we can make this school the best it can be. I am looking forward to hearing from you and thanking you in advance for your generosity.

Here is a list of the booster representatives: 
Academics: TBD
Athletic: David Henderson david.r.henderson@att.net and Virginia Muse virginiamuse@yahoo.com
Visual Arts: Melissa Shaw scraphappyme@aol.com
Music: Sharon Gizzi s.gizzi@comcast.net
Drama: Michelle Oppenheim moppenheim@me.com
PTSA: Debbie Sawyer Debbiethetwin@yahoo.com

We are still looking for an Academic Booster Rep. Click here for an auction donation form.  Thank you.