The Race for the $5,000 Responsible Sports Grant Tightens Up Going into the Final 3 Weeks

Maggie Walker Drops to 6th Place, Needing a Strong Push to the Finish Line to Remain in the Money

Parents, we have come a long way since the competition for the Liberty Mutual Sports Grant was announced. Maggie Walker has doubled the number of credits we had assigned to the school at the beginning of the competition. Unfortunately, since we last reported, we have now dropped from 4th to 6th place in the standings, and we are in danger of dropping out of the money (you need to place in the top 6 to win $5,000). Like any good competition, we need that final push toward the finish to win the prize, and like any good race, the competition will be strong. We are competing against schools in Los Angeles, CA; Wayne, NJ, and Dallas, TX with large populations to call on. Our success in this grant doesn't depend on a single herculean effort by an individual at the school, within the athletic department or the foundation. Our success depends on the collective small efforts of the many supporters of the Green Dragons. Just like on the field of play, this is a team effort. With over 500 of our students participating in school athletics, we know there are many who have yet to take the quiz and assign their credit to the school. If you've been planning on doing so and have just have not had the time to do so, now is the time to act. As of Monday morning, the leader board is as follows:

School,  Location, Accumulated Credits,  Grant Amount
1st  Dr Olga Mongen,  Los Angeles, CA  609  $5,000
2nd Northwest HS,  Cedar Hill, MO   380   $5,000
3rd  Edmond North HS,  Edmond, OK 307  $5,000
4th James Bowie ES,  Dallas, TX   307   $5,000
5th Miguel Contreras,  Los Angeles, CA 293 $5,000
6th Maggie Walker Richmond, VA 278 $5,000 
7th Wayne Hills HS Wayne, NJ 228 $0
8th Hopewell HS Huntersville, NC 219 $0

If you have not yet taken the test online and registered your credit for Maggie Walker, please visit our website for more details. If you have registered your credit, please pass the word on to friends and relatives, and ask for their support. Thank you.