Reminder: Report Cards and Conferences

Report card distribution dates are listed on the school website under the calendar link “Additional Information about the 2010-2011 Year Long Calendar.” Report cards for the first nine weeks will be distributed on Tuesday, November 16 to students to take home to parents. Please remember to ask your student about it.

Parent teacher conferences will take place on November 18 from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm and November 19 from 9:00 am - 11:30 am. Students will receive sign-up sheets on Monday November 8 to record conference times to share with parents. Teachers will post available conference times around the school beginning on November 8 for students to reserve conference times.

MLWGS Parent Teacher Conference Information
  1. Conferences are held twice a year, once in November after the first nine weeks’ report card grades are completed and again in February after the second nine weeks’ report card.
  2. Teachers post sign-up sheets in hallways outside of their workrooms with available appointment slots several days before the conferences begin.
  3. It is recommended that parents and students discuss which teachers to prioritize for conferences since it may be difficult to schedule an appointment with every teacher.
  4. Students sign up parents for specific slots on the teacher appointment sheets. They record times and room locations on the “MLW Parent Appointment Schedule” form that is distributed to all students several days before conferences begin.
  5. Students provide parents with an appointment schedule for the conferences. If students do not sign-up their parents for conference slots, or are unable to because no slots are available, parents should contact teachers by phone or e-mail to discuss any concerns.
  6. Appointments are scheduled in ten-minute intervals. In some cases, teachers and parents may not be able to complete the conference during the scheduled time. In such an event, the parent will be invited to continue the conference at another time, or by phone or email.
  7. Students are not expected to attend conferences. If parents feel it would be beneficial to have a student present, students are welcome to attend.