Shop at Barnes and Noble TONIGHT November 9

Get an early start to your holiday shopping and Barnes and Noble will contribute a portion of your purchases to MLWGS!

Use the voucher to shop at any Barnes and Noble store nationwide on Tuesday, November 9 (this is the only day the in-store voucher is valid) or use the voucher online from November 9–14.

Better yet, come to the Barnes and Noble at Libbie Place on Tuesday, November 9 to do your shopping and see the beautiful art exhibit by our talented MLWGS students!

Where and When is the MLWGS Art Exhibit?
It's at the Barnes and Noble at Libbie Place, 5501 West Broad Street, all day on November 9.

How to use the voucher:
Bring in the attached voucher, which has a unique Voucher/Bookfair ID# 10273704 for MLWGS.   Click here to view and print the voucher. This voucher is ESSENTIAL and the only way to ensure credit is given to MLWGS. Remember: the voucher can be used only on November 9. Email this voucher to friends and family nationwide.  

Online purchases:
Visit to support us online from November 9–14. The voucher number will be needed to ensure credit. The Voucher number is 10273704.

What purchases count?
Anything Barnes and Noble sells including Nook e-readers, accessories, and café purchases. You may also pay with gift cards.

Excluded Purchases:
B&N memberships, new gift cards purchases and protection plans.

Any questions: please contact Michelle Nestler at 389-4089 or by email at