A New Tradition: Holiday Happenings

Heartfelt THANKS to all who provided delectable treats and scrumptious culinary delights for this event. The PTSA Parent Connections committee hosted the inaugural “Holiday Happenings” last Tuesday night, in response to parents’ requests for evening socials. The evening was a huge success and may indeed become a new tradition. Faculty members enjoyed the chance to socialize, especially with parents in a relaxed atmosphere and were eager to share their favorite dishes! The focus was on international and ethnic specialties for the holidays and there was quite a variety to select from. Everyone experienced new cuisine and recipes were exchanged. There was even talk of a Green Dragon cookbook! The Dragons Lair (school store) was open, with sales close to $500! And SCRIP reported over $1,700 in sales as well! Student artwork was displayed by VAB and special orders taken for handmade dragon ornaments created by the Art Club. Look for this event next year and don’t miss out-you can even do your holiday shopping right here at Maggie Walker! THANK YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!