2010 MLWGS Yearbook Receives 1st Place from ASPA

Great news! I am pleased to announce that the 2010 MLWGS yearbook, "Paint By Numbers," has received a First Place commendation in the American Scholastic Press Association's judging of high-school yearbooks. It looks like about 40 schools in our category (enrollments between 500 and 1000) finished with awards (each "place" is awarded to multiple schools); hundreds of yearbooks from schools nationwide were submitted to ASPA last year. Kudos are due to Editor-in-Chief Susan Ballentine and Senior Section Editor Caitlin Riblett, as well as to 2010 staffers (and current editors) Mattea Falk and Trey Nunnally, all of whom worked very hard to create an attractive, creative, and comprehensive historical document for our school.

Michael White
Yearbook Adviser