Mentors Needed for 2011-12

Juniors interested in a mentorship have identified a variety of professions. Below you will find a list of those professions, with a particular (if not desperate) need identified with an asterisk. If you are aware of any professionals who would be willing to serve as a mentor for one of our students next year, please contact Sharon Parker by email at or by phone at 354.6800, ext. 3260. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Actuarial Sciences*
Advertising/Political Branding
Art/Digital Art/Art Conservation
Athletic Training*
Business Administration/Management
Business/Risk Management*
Education – Early, Secondary
Education – French Language
Engineering (General/Nuclear/Chemical)*
Hotel Management/Event Planning*
International Affairs
International Business*
International Relations/Politics*
International Studies/South Asia*
Journalism – Broadcasting, Photo, Print
Languages – French*
Law/General/Criminal/Civil Rights, Environmental Policy* etc. (need several)*
Literary Publishing*
Medical Research/Anatomy/Neurobiology
Medicine – Anesthesiology*
Medicine – Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery*
Medicine – Emergency Room
Medicine – General Practice
Medicine – General Surgery*
Medicine – Genetics 
Medicine – Lab Research
Medicine – Neonatology*
Medicine – Neurosurgery*
Medicine – Nutrition/Dietics
Medicine – OB/GYN
Medicine – Oncology*
Medicine – Orthopedic*
Medicine – Pediatrics*
Medicine – Pharmacy*
Medicine – Physical/Occup. Therapy*
Medicine – Radiology*
Non-Profit Organization, Administration
   and Fund Raising*
Social Work/Shelters*
Sports Medicine, Education or Business
Spanish Language*
Theatre/Performing Arts Business
Visual Arts*