MLWGS Wins $5,000 Sports Grant

Late Surge of Credits Propels Maggie Walker into the Winners Circle

When people outside the Maggie Walker community think of our school, athletics is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the school's athletics program has just scored a big win on the national level as the Maggie Walker Athletic Boosters was recently notified that they have won a $5,000 sports grant through the Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports program. This program supports volunteer youth sports coaches and parents who help our children succeed both on and off the field. The contest was open to any school at any level across the nation. This year's race has been highly contested, and the supporters of our school deserve a large share of the credit for their tenacity in helping us galvanize support from start to finish. This was a tremendous effort. Unlike many of the other schools in the winners circle, Maggie Walker is a small school with a limited student body. Our success in this contest is a tribute to our loyal and engaged school supporters. Thanks to everyone for their support!